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American made raw materials are turned into American made raw components. Live Free Armory uses American aerospace engineering, experience, and know how. Our precision equipment and superior quality control program guarantees you get the best bang for your buck. We make each one of our products as if we were making it for a family member. The only corners we cut are in our hallways.
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How We Reach Out
We use cutting-edge technology and the latest in CNC, lathe and CMM equipment. Truth be told, it’s not our equipment that makes us cutting-edge, it’s our people. Its not only Live Free Armory’s name on everything we make, but theirs as well. When you buy our products, you’ll feel the pride that went into them. American manufacturing is alive and well at Live Free Armory.
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Up Close & Personal
It’s a personal preference, a personal decision, and a personal right to bear arms under the Constitution. Its personal at Live Free Armory as well. We are American citizens, veterans, former law enforcement officers, hunters, competitors, and overall firearms enthusiasts. Those of us that work at Live Free Armory are your people.
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Why Choose Live Free Armory?

Accuracy is about tight tolerances and quality control. Our testing equipment and quality control teams are second to none.
One of our mottos has always been work smarter not harder. We consistently find ways to lower machine cycle time and improve upon our processes. We understand the value of time and its critical role in manufacturing.
Veteran Operated
Veterans have a proven track record. Veterans understand teamwork. Veterans understand mission accomplishment. Veterans run this company, and veterans keep this company going forward.
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Welcome To Live Free Armory

Why Did We Choose Melbourne?

Why Melbourne? Melbourne is part of Brevard County, an area known as Florida’s Space Coast, because it is home to an exciting aerospace/aviation sector. However, the Space Coast’s workforce strengths extend beyond the aerospace sector, having the most concentrated manufacturing workforce in the state of Florida. With more than 500 manufacturers, Florida’s Space Coast is more than space. Live Free Armory is proud to be a part of this manufacturing community and call Brevard County home.

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