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ATTENTION: If you are shipping to Hawaii or Alaska please call us at (407) 891-1255 and place your order over the phone due to significantly higher shipping costs. Thank you.
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Sorry, we are no longer accepting FFL transfers into Live Free Armory effective immediately
All items in stock that are ordered will ship the next business day. If your order has not shipped in that time period your fee for shipping will be refunded. If you place an order on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or national holiday your order will ship the next business day.


What Profile are your AR platforms?
High Profile DPMS, they are also Gen 1.
I just ordered my product, when can I expect to receive it?
Expect a lead time of 1 to 2 weeks, and consider contacting your FFL if it has been longer than that to see if it has made its way to you already. If you have done all of these steps, consider emailing us at sales@livefreearmory.com, or calling to see what the status is on your order.
What is a "blemished" product?
A blemished product is an item that is just as functional and exceptional in quality as our regular products. There will be minor scratches, chips, etc. They are entirely cosmetic and do not affect the functionality of the component.
What size screws do I need to use for my slide?
For Glock: 6x32 x 1/3 for the cover plate. Optic screws will be 6x32 x 7/16th.
For Sig: 6x32 x 3/16th for the cover plate. Optics screws will be 6x32 x 7/16th.
What Generation Lower does your Glock LF Series Slide fit?
Gen 3 Lowers.
I have an issue with my product. How do we resolve this?
Oh no! We're sorry to hear that. Please call us at (407) 891-1255, Mon-Fri, 8-5 EST, and we will assign an armorer to help take steps to resolve your issue.
Do you offer Veteran Discounts?
We eliminate shipping for all veterans. Send a copy of your current military ID card, or DD214 to sales@livefreearmory.com Make sure your private information is blacked out!
Should I contact you via Social Media for questions regarding your products?
You will have a better chance of receiving proper and refined customer support by emailing us directly, or calling us. We will do our best to answer your questions on all platforms, but your best chances of receiving prompt support is to call or email within business hours.
My LF Slide won't fit on my frame! Help!
Our LF Series slides fit compatible OEM frames/grip modules with standard sized barrels, built for OEM spec lowers/grip modules. We do not guarantee they will work with all aftermarket frames or accessories.
What barrel do you recommend for your receiver sets?
We don't. That choice is a personal one based on your needs and the rifle’s application.
What is the thread and pitch on your .308 receiver set?
1 & 7/16 tpi.
Why is shipping so high?
Actually, our shipping is a good deal because we don’t tack on any additional handling charges like most companies. We use Fedex so we can make sure your package will be delivered to you with signed verification, reducing the chances that your package will be lost. Unfortunately, that comes at a higher cost but we feel it’s well worth it.
Why 6061 T6 aluminum over 7075?
We utilize 6061 T6 aluminum because of its excellent torsional and tensile strength, and because of it's excellent workability in comparison.
"Matched Receiver Set"?
This means they have "Zero Play", no wiggle. They fit together tightly, because they were made for each other.
Any recommendations on the Magazine for the receiver set?
Magpull or Lancer will do well.
Where do you get your metals and materials from?
We source our metals from EMJ Metals. Check them out at their website here:
Can I come and pick up an item directly from your shop?
We are not a storefront, the address you’re seeing is the address for our manufacturing facility. That being said, you may come to the shop, but as it stands, we may not always have what you're looking to purchase readily available to walk out the door with. It's more convenient for you and our team to complete your purchase via the website, and then check in with our team to organize a time to pick up from there via our phone number or our email.
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